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This is the main page for Gautier lebon.

I will be using it to develop articles on various topics.

I am a computer scientist, I like films, classical music, jazz, and illusionism. My hobbies are scuba diving, sailing, skiing, and reading. I read science fiction and fantasy, and I am history buff, in particular military history and medieval history. I keep up with science and technology, economics, and politics. I am a certified mediator and interested in dispute resolution.

I have lived for significant periods of time in San Francisco, California; Rome, Italy; Boston, Massachusetts; Lucerne, Switzerland; and Geneva, Switzerland. I have lived for lesser periods in other places in Italy, Germany, and the United States of America.

The instructions for writing a first article are at Wikipedia: Your first article. For more tips, see User_talk:Gautier_lebon#Some_tips_to_help_you_out.21

The instructions for inserting images are at Wikipedia:Picture tutorial. Siles should be marked with the {{OTRS pending}} tag, so as to avoid being tagged for deletion.

The template for citations from Science is: {{cite journal|author= author name |title= article title |journal=Science|pages= page number |volume= volume number |date= date}} An improved example is: {{cite journal|doi= 10.1126/science.329.5996.1140|author= Richard A. Kerr |title= Mammoth-Killer Impact Flunks Out |journal=Science|pages= 1140|issue= 5996 |volume= 329 |date= 3 September 2010|pmid= 20813931}} Or: {{cite journal|author=Janet M. Wilmshurst |coauthors=Terry L. Hunt, Carl P. Lipo, and Atholl J. Anderson |title=High-precision radiocarbon dating shows recent and rapid initial human colonization of East Polynesia |journal=Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences |doi=10.1073/pnas.1015876108 |year=2010}}

I've created proposals to add articles regarding the military historian User:Gautier_lebon/Archer_Jones and his book User:Gautier_lebon/The Art of War in the Western World

I have contributed a new article on sailing faster than the wind (and on the land yacht Blackbird) and on the illusionst Peter Marvey. I have contributed significantly to the articles on the 2010 America's Cup and 2013 America's Cup and on Richard I of England. I wrote the first draft of the article on the Meermin slave mutiny which was subsequently dramatically improved by others, in particular by User:ThatPeskyCommoner.