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This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

Note: Despite my username, I am not a bot, as mentioned somewhere else in this page. I will consider changing my username sometime in the future.


Welcome to my user page!

I've been on here since late 2007, fixing vandalism, copy-editing and sending out messages to vandals, recent pages patrol, some username patrolling, fact-checking, disruptive editor reporting, pending changes review, a little of sockpuppet investigation/report work and so on. As of late I have made edits very sparingly; however I would not say I have retired from Wikipedia per se.

Additionally, since late November 2012, I have considered myself to be semi-retired; I'll be making occasional edits on here if I feel the need to.

Sometimes I make mistakes; if you would like to point one out, please do so.

If the username misled you, I'm not a bot and do not have any bot accounts under my control.

Committed identity: 8aaa2dcac7f4e5d117593c16c87daa3356f7f4aa8b5d14b2dd59c30f47639c13ec97674f003900023142b872227d6ea0c633a1a76771a04a1f40af6234f0efdd is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

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