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26 November 2016
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Self-Portrait with a Friend

Self-Portrait with a Friend
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Week: 48
Month: November
Day: 30, Wednesday
Time: 11:52
Year: 2016
Articles: 5,296,246
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Good evening.

I am a Wikipediholic. I like the rain more than any other weather, and I do love dim lighting. I AM MALE. My favourite articles are:
Year Zero (album)
Jackson Pollock
Eat Me, Drink Me
International Obfuscated C Code Contest
My personal guidelines to editing the Wikipedia:

  • I am against the removal of trivia sections in articles. Avoid trivia sections in articles. In my opinion, trivia can't possibly be integrated nice and neatly into the other parts of ANY article. That's what trivia is for: to list facts which don't fit anywhere else!
  • Don't be lazy. Don't be afraid to question the verifiability of some claim. Someone added a 'book'(set to release in autumn 2007) to Chuck Palahniuk's bibliography, and it hang there for about a month.
  • Before deleting something which isn't obviously wrong, do some research. Before NOT deleting something a bit strange, do a bit of research. A good example was the issue of the cover for this album. Someone uploaded a photoshopped cover of the Bela Lugosi's dead single(just changed the face to Manson's & changed the title), and it seemed quite real, even more, I liked it, but after I got onto the mansonusa forum(just to check), it became clear that the cover was fake.
  • Don't be afraid of talk pages. Post links there, share your opinions, discuss matters. Remember: Wikipedia is a community. You don't have to do all the work alone. There is someone out there except you.