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I'm Milk's Favorite Cookie (also Oreo and MFC), and I joined Wikipedia in 2006, although I didn't actively contribute until late 2007. I have amassed over 25,000 edits since my time here, including 11,000 in the mainspace. I love sports, mostly American football, baseball, and basketball. My favorite sports teams are probably the Red Sox, Celtics, and of course the Patriots. My favorite cookie bands are probably Linkin Park, AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine, Creed and Nickelback. I live somewhere in New England and have for just about my whole life. If you have any questions or you would like help with anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch on my talk page, or if it is a private matter, simply email me.

Major Contributions[edit]

Articles Created

Dense Fibrillar Component (DFC)
Tamerlane empire
Albertis Castle
Akai Rice
Harold W. Dodds
Siegfried Guggenheim
August revolution in Vietnam
Ulrich Giezendanner
Charlotte Anderson
Hans Graf von Schwerin-Löwitz
Philipp Daniel Merckle
Ahlen Water Tower
Leonhard Reichartinger
Gryton (pottery)
Helmut Yström
Lillie Claus
Neuhaus in der Wart
Friedemann Mattern
Charles l’Eplattenier
SKN St. Pölten
Giuseppe Fioravanzo
Alexandros Konstantinidis
Justus Pfaue
Friedrich Kaulbach
Anna Jean Ayres
Jörg Peter
Gerd Hennig
SStB - Gutenberg
Nicolas Stemann
VGA Médoc Mérignac
Louis Bazin
Earl Johnson (baseball)
John Henry Johnson (baseball)
List of Super Bowl appearances
List of Quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl starts
List of Super Bowl wins by team
Harry Crump
List of New England Patriots head coaches
Myron Baker
List of Boston Celtics players


I usually "surf" around Wikipedia and find images I find interesting. Here is the list I nominated.


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