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About the likes of me[edit]

I'm a lecturer in ESOL at South Birmingham College, a college of further education in Birmingham, UK.

I first found Wikipedia sometime in 2003, and have been a regular visitor ever since. I am in the early stages of Wikipediholism.

Time Travel[edit]

Me with my vessel, the Timeship Kraken: Monte Carlo, 1886

I am an active time-traveller and adventurer. I frequently visit the past, and occasionally the future, in order to accomplish a number of important missions:

  • 1473 Ma (million years ago) - Whilst admiring the view during a voyage on the primordial ocean in the precambrian (proterozoic) era, a twix wrapper blew from my lunch box and into the seething liquid mass. This directly impacted on the formation of life on Earth, the effects of which can be seen in male pattern baldness and pre-menstrual tension in the ladies. Apologies to men on both counts.

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