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Glider.svg This user identifies with hacker culture.
This user is a native speaker of American English'.
php This user is a fluent PHP user.
1337-N +|-|15 |_|><0|20z 15 +3|-| /\/471\/3 5|*33|<z0|2 0|= |€€+.
pgl Isthay useryay isyay anyay activeyay eakerspay ofyay Igpay Atinlay.
BBB-N Dees-a hyooser ees eh bornin spicker uff-a Børk, Børk, Børk.
nws-N This user bellyfeels newspeak.
BS-N This user is a native speaker of Bullshit.
du-n This user is a native speaker of dumbass.
gb-n Dsh uuzzr ízzzá nããããæætívvv speekrrróv Gbrsh.
LE-n dis usa has 4gon da use of gramer and spaling sinse b4 i wuz borned nd has no intenshun 2 eva start uzin it,
ubx-n This user communicates exclusively via userboxes.
AIM-Able This user understands AIM talk perfectly well, but does not seriously use it. Ever.
HTML-5 This user is a professional HTML user.
xml-3 This user is an advanced XML coder.
css-3 This user is an advanced Cascading Style Sheets user.
mysql-3 This user is an advanced MySQL programmer.
Perl-3 This user is an advanced Perl programmer.
re-2 This user writes intermediate regular expressions.
js-2 This user is an intermediate JavaScript programmer.
Google 2015 logo.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
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Salmon sushi cut.jpg This user eats sushi.
  • Soy milk (2).jpg This user drinks soy milk.
  • Absolut vodka.jpg This user bows down before the awesome might of Vodka.

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