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Absorption band
Active galactic nucleus
Active galaxy
Alternatives to general relativity
Anthropic principle
Astronomical radio source
Astronomical unit
Atomic spectral line
Barred spiral galaxy
Big Bang
BL Lac object
Black body
Black hole
Cepheid variable
Chandrasekhar limit
Classical Cepheids
Color temperature
Cosmic microwave background
Cosmic microwave background radiation
Cosmological constant
Dark energy
Dark matter
Doppler effect
Eddington limit
Edwin Hubble
Einstein field equations
Ejnar Hertzsprung
Electromagnetic radiation
Electron degeneracy pressure
Equatorial coordinate system
Event horizon
Extinction (astronomy)
FRW metric
Galactic year
Galaxy cluster
Galaxy filament
Galaxy formation and evolution
Galaxy groups and clusters
Galaxy morphological classification
Gamma-ray burst
Giant star
Globular cluster
Gravitational lensing
H I region
H II region
Henry Norris Russell
Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
Hubble's law
Hubble constant
Hubble sequence
Hubble Space Telescope
Hydrogen line
Intergalactic space
Interstellar cloud
Interstellar medium
Interstellar reddening
Irregular galaxy
Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation
Large Magellanic Cloud
Large-scale structure of the cosmos#Large-scale structure
Lenticular galaxy
Light year
Local Group
Luminous infrared galaxy
Lyman series
Lyman-alpha forest
Main sequence
Metric expansion of space
Milky Way
Observable universe
Orbital period
Planck's law
Planetary nebula
Population II#Population II stars
Proper distance
Proper motion
Radio galaxy
Relativistic jet
RR Lyr variable
Sagittarius A*
Seyfert galaxy
Solar System
Spiral galaxy
Standard candle
Starburst (astronomy)
Starburst galaxy
Steady-state universe
Stefan-Boltzmann law
Stellar classification
Stellar wind
Superluminal motion
Supermassive black hole
Tests of general relativity
Type Ia supernova
Type Ib and Ic supernovae
Type II Cepheids
Ultraviolet catastrophe
Wien's displacement law
Wien's radiation law
Wolf-Rayet star