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Syed Muzammiluddin  Independent Wikimedia Volunteer
Syed Muzammiluddin
Independent Wikimedia Volunteer
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Good work accomplished is a reward in itself.

Wikimedia Blogs[edit]

# Wiki/ Country /Organization Blog Translation, if any Date of Posting WMF Blog
Urdu Wikipedia logo 100000.png
Community digest: Urdu Wikipedia reaches 100,000 articles January 21, 2016
Flag of Canada (600x800).jpg
Community Digest—Marc Venot and the potential of a new pivot language for Europe November 17, 2015
Doteli Wikipedia.jpg
Flag of Nepal (WFB 2004).gif
Doteli Wikipedia makes significant progress November 4, 2015
Flag of India (WFB 2004).gif
Indic projects depend on each other: Ahmed Nisar Urdu, Ukranian October 12, 2015
Pbroks13 Wiki.svg
Animated flag of the United Kingdom.gif
“Be bold, be patient and be kind”: Richard Farmbrough September 11, 2015
Flag of Saudi Arabia (WFB 2004).gif
“My community’s goals drive me”: Tahir Mahmood Urdu June 28, 2015
Wikipedia Hindi Sammelan - Coming Soon.jpg
Hindi Wiki Sammelan: Bringing together dispersed Wikipedians Hindi March 3, 2015
Flag of India (WFB 2004).gif
Wikimedia Foundation Logo.png
WMF-India Community Consultation 2014 (coauthored by Asaf Bartov) November 13, 2014
Flag of Nepal (WFB 2004).gif
A Focused Approach for Maithili Wikipedia September 8, 2014
Two shades of Wikipedia in Punjabi August 8, 2014
Infobox de DURA.jpg
A Survey of Esperanto Wikipedians July 10,2014
Wikipedia for Schools - a project by SOS Children.pdf
Wikipedia for Schools Project June 20, 2014
Samskrit wiki.png
Samskrita Wikipedia Broucher (English).pdf
Samskrita Bharati and Sanskrit Wikipedia: The journey ahead June 9, 2014
Urdu Wikipedia logo 50000.png
Wikimedia Projects in Urdu: Unleashing the Latent Potential May 15, 2014

Wikinut Blogs related to Wikimedia & MediaWiki Projects[edit]

  1. Blogpost on the Interactions with Mexican People and their Culture during Wikimania 2015
  2. Importance of Assuming Good Faith
  3. Use of Social Media in Furthering Wikimedia Projects: A Case of Wikipedia in Hindi and Urdu
  4. Hindi Wikipedia - An Encyclopedia Bridging New Bonds of Friendship Across Borders

Interviews of Wikimedians published on UrduPoint Website[edit]

Positions on WMF Projects[edit]

Some of the Positions I hold on various Wikimedia Foundation Projects are as follows:

Wikimedia Foundation Project Rights
Urdu Wikipedia Sysop & Rollbacker
Hindi Wikipedia Autopatrolled User, Reviewer, Rollbacker and Filemover
English Wikipedia Account Creator
Meta Autopatrolled User
Commons Autopatrolled User, Filemover and Rollbacker
Maithili Wikipedia Mailing List Admin
Arabic Wikipedia Editor
German Wikipedia Autoreview
Polish Wikipedia Autoreview
Russian Wikipedia Uploader
Persian Wikipedia Uploader

Hindi Wikipedia Tutorial[edit]

Participation in Monuments of Spain Challenge[edit]

  • Good to find my name on a Spanish blog as result of my participation in the editathon in 2014!!

Participation in May 2015 Translation Rally[edit]


I started the Hindi Wikipedia Editathon "Lilavati's Daughters" or "Indian Women Scientists" which later transformed into "Women Achievers of India" editathon. The project also had an impact on Punjabi Wikipedia.

My Interviews & Media Coverage[edit]

Interviewed about Hindi and Urdu Wikipedia(s)[edit]


  • On advocating internet freedom, Muzammil writes: "Although I am all for it, I gave it a lower priority because of the political overtone and the fear that pushing it too much may jeopardize core Wikipedia objectives in some geographic locations."
  • On forbidding paid editing, Muzammil writes: "we should stop paid editing for promotion or those edits which forward some agenda – ideological or political." James: "The WMF has forbidden non-disclosed paid editing. It should now help enforce this. Not all types of paid editing should be banned." He also points to the relevance of engineering to improve editor experience to attracting and retaining female editors and those in the global south.

From Signpost, May 13, 2015.


From Year: 2011 Week: 38 Number: 128 BIS, an independent internal news bulletin for the members of the Wikimedia community.


...Syed Muzammiluddin has also mentioned other Turkish words in Urdu in his article (March 16, 2006).

From Influence of Turkish on Urdu, Dawn.

New World Encyclopedia[edit]

..."His chief contribution," says Muzammiluddin "was that his Government enhanced popular faith in democracy."

From Morarji Desai#Legacy, New World Encyclopedia.