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Swiss Metal Assets

In 2010 Swiss Metal Assets was formed as an asset protection company based in Panama City, Panama. The company with its Swiss partners Schweizerische Metallhandels decided to offer clients throughout the world the opportunity to buy Rare Strategic Metals, Gold and Silver to add to their portfolios.

Swiss Metal Assets was formed by CEO Ulrich Schwark and CFO Peter Stehling both former Investment Bankers. Knut Andersen is the Sales Director for the company.

The company sees a trend of increasing value in rare strategic metals. China who controls over 95% of production and refinement of these elements continues to decrease exports. With the assistance of Haines and Maassen a metals dealer in Germany, Swiss Metal Assets buys and stores the metals in the Swiss Free Zone (Entrepot)for its clients.

Link to the 2011 British Geological Survey list of critical metals.

Metals Available and Uses:

  • Indium- CIGS solar,LCD´s,Touchscreens,IGZO screens
  • Hafnium- Nuclear, CPU Processors to replace silicon, Superalloys
  • Gallium- CIGS solar, LED´s, Fuel cells, Lasers
  • Tellurium- Semi-Conductors, Stainless steel, Optical storage, Data storage RAM
  • Tantalum- Capacitors, Medical implants, Superalloys, Nuclear, Surgical instruments
  • Bismuth- Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear as substitute for Lead, Pyrotechnics, Optics
  • Tungsten- Die cast tooling, Aviation in rotors and engines, Armaments, Plating
  • Cobalt- Superalloys, Heat resistant paints, Radioisotopes, Alloy in implants
  • Molybdenum- Thin-film transistors, Dietary supplement, Alloys, Rocketry and aviation
  • Rhenium- Aviation in jet engines, Superconductors, Superalloys
  • Chromium- Gas turbine blades, Refractory material, Protective coating, Dyes and pigments
  • Zirconium- Nuclear in fuel rods, Cubic Zirconia, Pigments in ceramics, Acid resistant equipment
  • Silver- Electronics, Solar, RFID chips, Batteries, Water purification, Anti-bacterial, Film, Jewelry
  • Gold- Electronics, Jewelry, Coins

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