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The Boxes[edit]

Template messages[edit]

All user page template messages.

Description Code
Vandalism {{subst:uw-vandalism1}}{{subst:uw-vandalism2}}{{subst:uw-vandalism3}}{{subst:uw-vandalism4}}{{subst:uw-vandalism4im}}
Editing tests {{subst:uw-test1}}{{subst:uw-test2}}{{subst:uw-test3}}{{subst:uw-generic4}}
Page blanking, removal of content {{subst:uw-delete1}}{{subst:uw-delete2}}{{subst:uw-delete3}}{{subst:uw-delete4}}
Adding spam links {{subst:uw-spam1}}{{subst:uw-spam2}}{{subst:uw-spam3}}{{subst:uw-spam4}}
Using Wikipedia for advertising or promotion {{subst:uw-advert1}}{{subst:uw-advert2}}{{subst:uw-advert3}}{{subst:uw-advert4}}
Addition of unsourced or improperly cited material {{subst:uw-unsourced1}}{{subst:uw-unsourced2}}{{subst:uw-unsourced3}}{{subst:uw-generic4}}
Copyright + New user {{subst:welcome - Copyright|Article|Honette}} ~~~~
Conflict of interest & username issue {{subst:uw-coi-username}} ~~~~
Remind user to use edit summary {{subst:summary}} ~~~~
Welcome new user {{subst:welcome|Honette}} ~~~~
Welcome new IP user {{subst:welcome-anon|Honette}} ~~~~
New user adds and removes its contents {{subst:User:Honette/Template/Test}} ~~~~ (Edit summary: Uw-test1)
Workspace {{subst:Workpage}}

Edit summaries[edit]


  • Inline citations are generally placed after any punctuation with no intervening space. See [[MOS:PAIC]].
  • If month is before day, a comma is often written after the year. See [[Wikipedia:COPYEDIT#Common_edits|Basic copy-editing #7]].
  • Style guide prefers and recommends an ellipsis is three unspaced full stops/periods. See [[WP:ELLIPSES]].
  • Style guide prefers no punctuation at the end of each item. See [[WP:BULLETLIST]].

Quotation Marks[edit]

  • Double quotation marks is preferred in this case. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style#Quotation_marks.5BR.5D|style guide]].
  • Punctuation goes outside quotation marks if it's not part of quoted material or direct speech. See [[WP:LQ]].
  • Replaced curly style quotation marks with the recommended straight style. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style#Quotation_marks|style guide]].


  • Removed blank lines between items in a bulleted or numbered format. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style#Bulleted_and_numbered_lists|style guide]].
  • Wikipedia prefers not to use '''and/or'''. See [[MOS:ANDOR]].
  • Wikipedia prefers using either U.S. or US, not USA. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_(abbreviations)#Widely_used_abbreviations_in_Wikipedia|style guide]].
  • Removed extra spacing.
  • En dashes preferred in this case. See [[MOS:DASH]].

Unit symbols[edit]

  • Values and unit symbols are separated by a non-breaking space. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_(dates_and_numbers)#Unit_symbols|style guide]].
  • Values and units used as compound adjectives are hyphenated only where the unit is given as a whole word as per [[WP:HYPHEN]].
  • Wikipedia prefers use of word "number" or "No." than # symbol when referring to numbers or rankings. See [[MOS:NUMBERSIGN]].
  • Wikipedia prefers "per cent" or "percent" than % symbol in this case. See [[MOS:PERCENT]].


  • Dates in article body text should all have the same format. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_(dates_and_numbers)#Full_date_formatting|style guide]].
  • Dates in article references should all have the same format. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_(dates_and_numbers)#Full_date_formatting|style guide]].
  • Seasons are not the same everywhere in the world. Generally preferable not to use season names to denote a time of year. See [[WP:SEASON]].


  • Single-digit whole numbers from zero to nine are spelled out in words. See [[WP:ORDINAL]].
  • Numbers greater than nine are commonly rendered in numerals. See [[WP:ORDINAL]].
  • Comparable quantities should be all spelled out or all figures. See [[WP:ORDINAL]].
  • Numbers that begin a sentence are spelled out. See [[WP:ORDINAL]].
  • Usually better to spell out first instance of each unit names. See [[Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_(dates_and_numbers)#Unit_names_and_symbols|style guide]]. Feel free to revert if inappropriate.


  • As per [[WP:SECTIONCAPS]] and [[WP:JOBTITLES]], sentence-style capitalization applied for section titles


  • encyclopædia
  • En dashes () and Em dashes
  • Linking to diffs. NAME?diff=ID NUMBER. For example,