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Hi! HostBot is a program, not a person. But I'm a person, and I run this program. If you received a message from HostBot and want to know why, or if you have any other questions about HostBot, ask me on my talk page.

If you have questions about editing Wikipedia, head over to the Teahouse Q&A board. You will get detailed and personal answers fast!
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HostBot's Role[edit]

HostBot automates repetitive tasks that reduce the maintenance necessary to keep the Teahouse humming along. If you are interested in implementing HostBot scripts on another wiki or would like to help improve the code base, please check the resources in the Specs section below and contact J-Mo via talk page or email.

BAG Approvals[edit]

On-wiki tasks[edit]


This bot is written in Python and uses the wikitools framework. Source code and some documentation available on GitHub.