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Topless Beer
Topless Beer.JPG
The original Topless Beer and Dr. Pepper, 2009

The Topless Beer is a method of drinking beer cans that involves removing the entire top with a standard can opener. The purpose of the Topless Beer is to improve taste and to assist rapid consumption. The origins of the practice are unknown, but the popularization of Topless Beers began at the University of Notre Dame in 2009. Members of the Notre Dame College Democrats (namely Henry Vasquez and Ian Secviar) began the tradition of making Topless Beers and chugging together. The group was amazed by the ease of consumption and drastic improvement of taste, not to mention the aesthetic appeal of the smooth edge and visibility of the can inside. The practice can be performed easily on most standard 12 oz. cans, regardless of content.

Directions to make a Topless Beer (or pop can):

(1) Take a can opener and remove top.
(2) Check for any rough edges (there are typically none!)
(3) Stare at the bottom of your TB.
(4) Enjoy consumption through chugging or savoring.

Creative Applications of the Topless Beer:

(1) Adding shots of liquor directly into the can, for the creation of mixed drinks.
(2) Combining the contents of multiple Topless Beers with ease.
(3) Various beer cocktails such as Sake Bomb, Carbomb,and Jägerbomb.