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My main interests, not necessarily related to my contributions to Wikipedia, are programming, watching Japanese animations, reading light novels and visual novels, and listening to music.

I am fluent in English, am fine with Cantonese, and am currently actively studying Japanese. I am also a Sogetsu ikebana student.


The programming language that I am most familiar with is Java. The main tools I use for programming are Eclipse and Vim. My desktop runs Windows 7 and my ThinkPad T61 notebook boots Gentoo Linux and Windows Vista. I also have great interests in Haiku, which is an open source project that is working to recreate BeOS.


My main musical interests lies in J-pop and music from game and anime soundtracks. I primarily follow the artists/composers listed below:


If anyone would like to collaborate on reorganization of information and the likes and are looking for help for any of the articles below, just let me know on my talk page and I will try and find some time to assist with the endeavour. :)

Reference materials[edit]

Links to use for enhancing articles. Putting it here so I don't lose track of them and so others can use it.


Corpse Party[edit]

Time Travelers[edit]

Infinite Stratos[edit]

Akiba's Trip[edit]

Le Fruit de la Grisaia[edit]

Root Double[edit]