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TWX Magazine
Industry Marketing, Magazine, Periodical, Subscription
Headquarters Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.
Parent Synapse Group, Inc.

TWX Magazine (or TWX Mags), a service mark of Synapse Group, Inc.,[1] is a magazine subscription agent that sells subscriptions to targeted consumer groups through non-traditional marketing channels, such as retail outlets, catalog publishers, online companies, and customer reward programs.[2]

TWX Magazine is the largest distributor of consumer magazine titles in the United States, with access to over 700 titles from all of the major publishers (including Time Inc., Hearst Corporation, Meredith Corporation, and Condé Nast Publications).[3]


TWX Magazine takes its name from the ticker symbol of Time Warner, which purchased Synapse in 2006.[1] When customers subscribed to magazines through any of Synapse's various divisions, the charge would show up on their credit card statements as TWX*.[4] Because of this, the service came to be known informally as TWX Magazine. Synapse Group, Inc. officially adopted TWX Magazine as a service mark in 2012.[1]

Continuous Subscription Service[edit]

Magazine subscriptions sold by TWX Magazine are administered through their Continuous Subscription Service system, which was patented by Synapse in 2000.[5] Instead of treating the magazines as a product, this system treats the subscription as an ongoing service, and will continue to renew the subscription automatically until the customers chooses to terminate the service.[3]

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