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"Jason Rees."
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About me

My name is Jason Rees and I live near London, England and have been an editor on Wikipedia for about nine years now. I first joined Wikipedia in 2006 and started editing articles on tropical cyclones over the Christmas break of that year. I started to follow tropical cyclones after tracking Hurricane Katrina and the rest of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and subsequently started expanding articles out. Over the years I have come to enjoy the research side of things and have helped to expand out Wikipedia's coverage of tropical cyclones in the South Pacific and Southern Hemisphere. I also enjoyed researching the History of tropical cyclone naming over the last few years, as the topic is fascinating. As a result of the research I feel that Wikipedia now has the most comprehensive coverage of this very controversial topic and do plan to take it to FAC at some point. Other plans include finishing off the research of the South Pacific tropical cyclones and continue to research TC naming.


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Good articles

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These are articles or ideas for articles that I am working on but are not ready for publication and thus any information in them should be treated with caution.

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