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Thoroughly skipable introductory blurb[edit]

Can you count the jellyfish?

I am a Filip and this is my user page. I'm not really a super-dedicated Wikipedian but have nonetheless spent much time doing scattered edits both anonymously and, once I found the time it took to register, under this username.

I am a reporter writing for The Watford Observer. I live in Croxley Green in Hertfordshire, England which is fortunately quite near/almost part of London. I was born in Prague in the Czech Republic but have lived here for many moons.

While most of my edits are random corrections of grammar and the addition of speedy deletion tags to silly new articles, my current love both on my stereo and on here is The Fiery Furnaces. I did a lot of/on their pages. Sometime soon I will do a rather more epic series on Bob Drake, provided someone doesn't beat me to it. I have been known to occasionally change the style and formatting of articles of whose subjects I have no knowledge whatsoever. This has in some past instances led to me actually learning something.

I occasionally read Wikipedia's pseudo arch rival uncyclopedia and have the same username registered there. My favourite article on said website, though one I haven't had any work in creating, can be found here after you click back on the history a few times.

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^ That is, some of the main articles I've edited, am editing or am watching.

^ This doesn't, however, mean I'm not watching them.


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