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Kadija (Frances Al-Fayed) (born 12 March 1998) is a professional entertainer and the Queen consort of King William V. Born Frances Zaineldin in Al Hillah, Iraq to surrogate mother Maryam Zaineldin after emergency transplantation surgery on 31 August 1997, Kadija is the daughter of Diana Spencer and Hasnat Khan, and was formally adopted by the third cousin of her mother's companion Salamar Al-Fayed in 2003. She is styled Queen Frances, but is referred to informally by her stage name Kadija.

Circumstances of Birth[edit]

It is alleged that Al-Fayed was removed from her biological mother's uterus through the incision used to gain access to her heart for manual massage during her transport via ambulance journey following the accident at Pont de l'Alma, and transferred to the uterus of her surrogate, whose own pregnancy had been terminated only hours previously, in preparation for this event.


Khadija is, through her father and his ancestor Syed Ahmed Khan, a descendant of the prophet.


Kadija's precocious and hugely successful musical career and her marriage at 14 to her 30 year old half-brother have made her a controversial public figure, and she is frequently referred to in the US press as The Whore of Babylon.