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William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor (21 June 1982 - 04 March 2016) is a fictional future Prince William (in reality never William Windsor but officially William Mountbatten-Windsor and informally William Wales), who plays a major role in the near-future parahistory of the Cycle.


Cquote1.png Par l'univers sera faict un monarque,
Qu'en paix & vie ne sera longuement,
Lors se perdra la piscature barque,
Sera regie en plus grand detriment.
— Michel de Nostradame, Quatrain 1,4


In Sylvia La Some's Alchemy Cycle, a small nuclear bomb beneath the Commons Chamber destroys the Houses of Parliament on the evening of Friday 17 November 2006, killing 1,089 people including Charles IV (in the process of delivering his maiden Speech from the Throne — which was to have addressed his choice of regnal name, his abdication of fidei defensor to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and his plans to sell royal property to assist the African Union — at the State Opening of Parliament), the entire cabinet and all but six members and peers present. (An additional four members and twelve peers were absent from the Parliament.) On being pulled from beneath the rubble of the Robing Room after three days, the badly injured Windsor declares that his response will be to make Peace with his greatest enemies. His globe-trotting campaign over the following year changes the course of world history.


The right sides of Windsor's body and head were trapped beneath the edge of an ornamental fireplace, which was subsequently buried to a depth of 3.5m by rubble and debris. The fireplace provides an airpocket and the depth of the rubble some protection from the cold, and Windsor is able to survive two nights of near-zero temperatures.

The edge of the fireplace crushes his right shoulder, breaking the humerus permanently damaging his right brachial nerve plexus. Additionally, he sustains a fracture of his right orbit and damage to the right eye, resulting in a loss of 90% vision in that eye.

Microchip and Rescue[edit]

Rumours abound concerning the rescue operation in the rubble of the Palace of Westminster and whether or not the "microchip" implanted when the Prince was 12 was still active, whether is was damaged (by EMP), and indeed whether an attempt was made to make use of it in the search.

Exercise of Powers[edit]

William V governs by Royal prerogative during the period 24 November 2006 until his appointment of Lord Chidgey as Prime Minister on 12 February 2007. During that three month period, assisted by his family, he exercises Reserve powers to rule the country. Of the 27 executive orders issued during this period, three are rescinded within days, seven are eventually allowed to lapse and the remainder are created law through Act of Parliament.

The King's claim to effective dictatorship is legally complex, but relies heavily on his alleged duty to maintain "The King's peace", and his authority to create law as head of executive government. The King's authority was challenged under European law in La Spiza v Windsor, but the case was settled before a decision was handed down by the court. William V famously exercised Sovereign immunity to avoid the Supreme Court's attempt in January 2007 to arrogate executive power to itself.

It has been noted that William IV was the only monarch ever to dismiss a Prime Minister, and William V the only one to appoint a Prime Minister by Royal prerogative.


Windsor is diagnosed with "sub-acute paranoid-type schizophrenia" in July 2009, and withdraws suddenly from public life. He is treated successfully (with the atypical antipsychotic Ziprasidone and Methandamine), and uses his recovery period from late 2009 until the Parkinson interview of 04 February 2011 to write his autobiography, The King With Ten Friends.


US Televangelist Pat Robertson identifies Windsor as "The Beast of the Apocalypse" in a sermon broadcast on 28 November 2006, following the young King's "World Peace" speech the previous morning. The identification of Windsor as the Antichrist is echoed by an estimated 64% [1] of evangelical clergy in the following two-week period.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad identifies Windsor as the Islamic Antichrist in a speech telecast on 25 December 2006. This identification (and by implication that of the Fundamentalist Christians) is condemned by vote of the United Nations General Assembly (with the four votes against and seven abstentions) on 17 January 2007.

On 13 May 2007 US President George W Bush issues what becomes known as the "Anti-Christ Memo", designating the government of the United Kingdom as a terrorist organisation and effectively making it a Federal crime to transfer funds to citizens of the Commonwealth of Nations (although this interpretation remains controversial).

Bases of Accusation[edit]


  • Born on Summer Solstice, immediately following a solar eclipse, the year after Greece joined the European Union as its tenth member
  • Second name Arthur
I believe Wills can rebuild Camelot and I will be his Merlin. We will return to the chivalry, pageantry and glory of King Arthur's court. William will re-make the Monarchy by showing love, leadership and compassion, Diana, Princess of Wales
  • Head Injury in childhood
  • Elements of Coat of Arms match aspects of The Beast
  • Literally the "son of Man"
  • "William V" pseudo-anagrammatic for "I am VI VI VI"
  • Association of Wales with Revelation's "Red Dragon"
  • "Reborn" in a Chist-like manner
  • Characteristic eye and hand injuries (see Dajjal)
  • Clinically insane
  • Adopts and promotes a universalist religion

British Israelism[edit]

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William was married on the morning of 21 December 2012 to "Egyptian Pop Princess" Frances Al-Fayed (aka Kadija) in an internationally telecast ceremony conducted by Pope Nicholas VI. His forty seven minute speech concluded precisely at midday with a hypnotic exhortation to his audience of billions [2] which it has been claimed was responsible for activating the Northern ley line network and prevented the apocalyptic "Pole flip" triggered by the detonation of a 12 megaton thermonuclear device over Alaska.

Abdication and Succession[edit]

Following King William V's abdication for reasons of ill-health in 2014, his younger brother Prince Harry is crowned King Henry IX after legislation passes diverting the line from William's two year old daughter Sophia on arguments that she was conceived out of wedlock and questions about whether her parents' marriage was valid under the Royal Marriages Act 1772. (Harry famously resists accession in 2006 during the three days before his elder brother is discovered alive, instead preferring to act as a Counsellor of State, although it has been argued that in any case the Accession Council would not have been able to achieve quorum during that period.) Sophia is recognised as sovereign by four Commonwealth of Nations countries (Kiribati, Gondwana/FRND, New Zealand and Tuvalu) whose legislatures do not pass corresponding law.


Windsor's bestselling factional autobiography The King With Ten Friends (published as a webcomic from June to December 2010 and later collected as a graphic novel released in early February 2011) chronicles the young King's messianic mission to bring Peace to the World, and his personal reflections on that period from the vantage point of his full recovery. It graphically and vividly depicts the visions Windsor experienced during his entrapment — in which he believed he was annointed Messiah and was identified as the returned King Arthur (the "Once and Future King"), come to save Britain in its hour of need (see Avalon)  — as well as the voice he identified as that of his guardian Michael the Archangel (see also Holy Guardian Angel) who frequently produced a running commentary of his performance as "Peacemaker".

Of the several dozen biographies, Sir Michael Parkinson's authorised Wills (2018) is regarded as most accurately representing the historical Windsor.


  • Willy o' Wales: alias used by the Eyeless in Gaza conspirators to impersonate and discredit Windsor during late 2011

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