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About me

I am retired from the computer industry, which I entered long enough ago to remember mercury delay lines. I have worked in Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK, and now live in north-west England. I started editing seriously in late 2007, mostly in a Wikisloth-like manner, doing New Page Patrol and all the other things that arise out of that. If I have a favourite activity it is doing the research work to demolish hoax articles, which I believe damage Wikipedia seriously; I have linked above a subpage listing over 150 hoax articles I have caused to be deleted, and 19 which I have rescued from CAT:HOAX and rehabilitated. I have now been an administrator for nearly five years and, while there is seldom a dull moment, I regret having little time left for front-line New Page Patrol.

Quote of the month

...a dream full of horror has still not ceased to visit me, at sometimes frequent, sometimes longer, intervals.

It is a dream within a dream, varied in detail, one in substance. I am sitting at a table with my family, or with friends, or at work, or in the green countryside; in short, in a peaceful relaxed environment, apparently without tension or affliction; yet I feel a deep and subtle anguish, the definite sensation of an impending threat. And in fact, as the dream proceeds, slowly or brutally, each time in a different way, everything collapses and disintegrates around me, the scenery, the walls, the people, while the anguish becomes more intense and more precise. Now everything has changed to chaos; I am alone in the centre of a grey and turbid nothing, and now, I know what this thing means, and I also know that I have always known it; I am in the Lager once more, and nothing is true outside the Lager. All the rest was a brief pause, a deception of the senses, a dream; my family, nature in flower, my home. Now this inner dream, this dream of peace, is over, and in the outer dream, which continues, gelid, a well-known voice resounds: a single word, not imperious, but brief and subdued. It is the dawn command of Auschwitz, a foreign word, feared and expected: get up, "Wstawàch".

Primo Levi: The Truce (translated from the Italian by Stuart Woolf)