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My name is John Wood and I am a Scientologist living in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK.

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My main reason for becoming a Wikipedia editor was to correct falsehoods that have unfortunately found their way in here about Scientology, its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, its secular activities such as Narconon, Criminon, CCHR and Dianetics. These falsehoods were added by people who obviously have no respect for Wikipedia's reliable sources guidlines and are using Wikipedia as a PR tool for their own ends.

My other main interest is all things Monty Python, especially Terry Gilliam's 1985 Brazil which I am passionate about. It's been a bit of a life project for me (well, since 1985 anyway) in that I have met half of the cast as well as its director and visited nearly all of its filming locations.

I own which offers outsourced social media management services i.e. it manages blogs, Twitter profiles, Facebook Pages, Google Plus Pages, YouTube Channels, Pinterest profiles, Flickr profiles, LinkedIn business pages etc on behalf of its clients. It also offers internet marketing and PR services in the form of submissions to press release, directory and forthcoming event sites.

I went to Cranleigh School and then the University of Surrey where I gained a BSc (Hon) in Hotel & Catering Management. I worked in hotels for a while, including London's 5-star The May Fair Hotel but then progressed into the computer industry (in sales and marketing) in the late 80s when the very idea of a PC with a hard drive (as opposed to just floppy drives) was exciting! I've sold Novell networks, Silicon Graphics computers and web applications in my time. I am also a former staff member of Narconon UK.

My father was Bergen-Belsen concentration camp liberator Leonard Berney and my step father was Ken Wood, founder of the Kenwood Manufacturing Company Ltd which manufactures the iconic food mixer, the Kenwood Chef.

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