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Basic information[edit]

Location Chester
Full name Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary
Geographic coordinates 53°11′31″N 2°53′26″W / 53.19189°N 2.89046°W / 53.19189; -2.89046
County Cheshire
Country United Kingdom

Ecclesiastical information[edit]

Denomination Church of England
Province York
Diocese Chester
Dean Dr Gordon McPhate

Building informaiton[edit]

Architects Richard Lenginour (1272–1314)[1]
Nicholas de Derneford (?)(1316–31)[1]
William Rediche(?) (1461–90s)[1]
Seth and George Derwall (1495–1530s)[1]
Thomas Harrison
R. C. Hussey
George Gilbert Scott
Arthur Blomfield
Giles Gilbert Scott
George Pace
Length 355 feet (108 m)[2]
Width (nave) 75 feet (23 m)
Height (nave) 78 feet (24 m)
Tower height 127 feet (39 m)


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