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I am a Brazilian electronic engineer. I am interested in free (libre) software, computing, math and Christianity.

I am working on Ubuntu_(operating_system), Unity_(user_interface), List of Ubuntu releases and Mir (software). I should look at Ubuntu_One. I should improve Pamonha, because I created it.

I love free (libre) software. In a society based on computers, I think free software is very important to advance technological progress and to minimize concentration of power. And I prefer copyleft licenses over BSD-style licenses. However I am not purist, I run Ubuntu which includes a small amount of non-free firmware. I prefer free software, but I can tolerate proprietary software if the free alternative works poorly.

I am pro-life and pro-family.

I think the English Wikipedia is a good reference for some subjects (such as computing) but is a poor reference for other subjects (such as Christianity).

I strongly oppose the Wikipedia practice of providing pornographic material without even a warning. See

See Wikipedia:Reliable_sources/Noticeboard#http://desktoplinuxreviews.com_and_

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To do[edit]

Read [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] and [7], report what is notable.

Add more sources (even without adding any text) for the fact that 12.04 got good reviews

From [8], regarding 13.04: "the promised improvements in privacy controls for the Dash search-and-launch tool did not get included in this release; users are still faced with an all-or-nothing choice when it comes to including internet results in searches."

From Mir talk:

The ref cited above indicates that the reasons were, as Canonical says: "we are aiming for a more extensible input event handling that takes future developments like 3D input devices (e.g. Leap Motion) into account" and "With respect to mobile use-cases, we think that the handling of input methods should be reflected in the display server protocol, too. As another example, we consider the shell integration parts of the protocol as privileged and we'd rather avoid having any sort of shell behavior defined in the client facing protocol" as well as "we decided to go for the following architecture w.r.t. to protocol-integration: A protocol-agnostic inner core that is extremely well-defined, well-tested and portable. An outer-shell together with a frontend-firewall that allow us to port our display server to arbitrary graphics stacks and bind it to multiple protocols." So there is a bit more to it than that. This should probably be added into the article.



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