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I am a Brazilian engineer. I am interested in free (libre) software, politics, computing and math.

I love free (libre) software. In a society that depends so much on computers, I think free software is important to fight concentration of power and to bring progress. And I prefer mild copyleft licenses over BSD-style licenses. However I am not purist, I run Ubuntu which includes some non-free firmware and drivers. I strongly prefer free software, but I can tolerate proprietary software if the free alternative works poorly.

I am pro-life and pro-family and I no longer support the Right. In American politics, I reject both the main parties. I specially oppose Donald Trump. I support intelligent regulation and progressive taxation to reduce concentration of power and wealth. I generally support the scientific literature and I strongly support the scientific consensus on climate change. Climate change is a grave problem.

I do not think Wikipedia should host obscene material.

Despite still presenting these political views here, nowadays I avoid editing politics.

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I was working on Ubuntu_(operating_system), Unity_(user_interface), List of Ubuntu releases and Mir (software).



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