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Justin Fluegel (Flügel) was born in upstate New York. After graduating from Union-Endicott High School he joined United States Air Force in 2001, 7 days prior to 9/11. Trained as a tactical aircraft crew chief on F-16s at Sheppard AFB, Texas, he was then assigned to the 78th Fighter Squadron, Shaw AFB, South Carolina May 2002. Upon the decommissioning of the 78th, he, along with many of the members of the 78th became assigned to the 55th Aircraft Maintenance Unit. There he remained until July 2004 when he transfered to the 174th Fighter Wing, New York Air National Guard at Syracuse's Hancock Field. After spending the winter of 2004 in Syracuse, Justin applied for transfer to a new unit standing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Nevada Air National Guard was setting up an intergrated unit with active duty. The unit, called Detachment 1 at the time had members attached to the 757th AMXS, the 15th RS, 11th RS, and at the Air Warfare Center all of the 57th Air Wing. Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field where he was assigned changed it's name in July 2005 to Creech Air Force Base. Justin deployed with his fellow active duty counterparts to Balad AB, Iraq from October 2005 to February 2006. In January 2007 he deployed again but this time to Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan with a return of June 2007. In may of that year the 757th was renamed the 432nd AMXS and assigned to the new 432nd Air Reconnaissance Wing. On October 1st 2007 the Det. became the 232 Operations Squadron, NVANG. Justin Fluegel seperates from the Nevada Air National Guard in May 2008 and is planning on moving out of the country to work.