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This bot works with KML files
OperatorEvad37 (talk)
Task(s)Add {{Attached KML}} if KML is available
Edit rate3 edits per minute
Edit period(s)Once per week
Automatic or manual?Manual setup; automatic processing
Programming language(s)SPARQL, PetScan, AWB
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes


KML files contain coordinates relating to a feature, including linear features and polygons. The {{Attached KML}} template generates links to download or view an article's related KML file, and enables WikiMiniAtlas to display the KML file. As KML files cannot be uploaded directly (see Phab:T28059), they are stored as wikitext. Through the Wikidata property KML file (P3096), an article's Wikidata item can be linked to the item for its related KML file – which may be stored on any wiki connected to Wikidata.


This bot adds {{Attached KML}} to articles which have KML files available through Wikidata. The basic process is:

  1. Get a list of Wikidata items which have both a KML file and an article on English Wikipedia
  2. Filter out articles which already have {{Attached KML}}, or are a disambiguation page, or have been excluded with {{No KML|reason=}}
  3. Use AWB to add {{Attached KML}} to the end of each article (prior to DEFAULTSORT, interwikis, categories and stub templates)


If there is a problem with the KML file, you can:

  • Fix it on Wikidata (preferred) – if the KML file is not actually related to the article, then you can be bold and fix it! Go to the article's Wikidata item, and adjust the KML file (P3096) statement.
  • Specify a different KML file – add |wikidata= or |from= (see Template:Attached KML/doc)
  • Revert the edit and specify the article as an exception – add {{No KML|reason=Specify a reason}}.[a] If the edit is reverted without specifying the article as an exception, then the next bot run will again add {{Attached KML}}!
  • Report it – at User talk:KMLbot/feedback


Here's the full details:


  1. ^ The {{No KML}} template just adds [[Category:Pages which should not use KML from Wikidata]]; you can add this category directly if you prefer, but's its nicer to specify why the KML from Wikidata shouldn't be used.