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This account has been abandoned. The individual who used it is now editing as I dream of horses.

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Personally, I'm an unschooled teenager, who is also an animal lover, book worm, vegetarian, a wannabe vegan, and mildly physically disabled, and mild-moderately mentally ill. Politically, I'm a pro-choice, Dean democrat who is interested speifically in disability rights and more broadly in human rights. Spirtually, I'm a recovering Christian, and am interested in both atheism and buddhism. Of course, being as young as I am, I'm only starting to get to know myself, and words can only describe so much.

My other account[edit]

I used to be known as Umalee.

Can I edit your page?[edit]

Please be courteous and ask me before changing anything on my user page, unless you are reverting vandalism. This user page is actually quite prone to vandalism due to patrolling the recent pages page, if that makes any sense.

My essays[edit]

These might have to be edited to be more clear. wikipedia:Why you should be nice to people who vandalize

Nifty yet sometimes annoying things[edit]

WikiDefcon 3

Moderate to high level of vandalism.

Screen readers for accessibility

Screen readers are a form of assistive technology for people with disabilities. A list of screen readers is available including a section, Software aids for people with reading difficulties.

Reader software examples include Spoken Web, JAWS, and NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA). In additon, Fangs screen reader emulator is an open-source Mozilla Firefox extension that simulates how a web page would look in JAWS.

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