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Michelle Denise Profit (born August 26, 1973) is an American philanthropist, former model, socialite, and energy executive. She currently resides in Houston Texas with her daughter Emily Zenner.

Personal Life

Michelle Denise Profit was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and spent the majority of her life in Port Allen, Louisiana. She is the youngest child of Roy and the former Emma Porter-Profit Johnson. she has two older sister, which are both married with children of their own.

Michelle says her childhood was happy but full of turmoil. She began modeling at age 18 mainly in "extra" roles. She quickly progressed to music videos and technical videos for local companies. After her college career ended, she moved to New Orleans, Louisiana whereas she became heavily involved in the active social scene. Michelle appeared in the social pages on the world famous Times Picayune. While residing, in New Orleans it was rumored she was dated German tennis star Boris Becker and Heisman Trophy winner Errik "Ricky" Williams.

Upon moving to Houston, she quickly regained her socialite status. She's become a staple at multiple Houston Grand Opera galas and various social events. Michelle's photo has been published in such reparable newspapers and magazines such as The Houston Chronicle, 002 Magazine, CultureMap, and Papercity Magazine. Michelle Profit served on the Board of Trustees for the Houston Grand Opera in 2007-2008. In additional to serving as a Board to Trustee member, she was a member of the HGO's Studio Committee. Michelle is an active member of numerous social and charitable organizations. She's appeared as a keynote speaker for Aid for Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA)at their annual fund raising gala. She continues to lend her name and support for the arts in the Houston area.


Michelle started her print modeling career in Louisiana via music videos, technical videos, and appearing an an extra in local television commercials. Michelle began her business career working in the oil and gas energy for Nalco. After her brief career at Nalco, she became an employee of Marathon Oil,in 1999 formerly Marathon Ashland Petroleum in Reserve, Louisiana. After working for Marathon Petroleum Company (MAP), she began her brief career at British Petroleum (BP) in 2006 in Houston Texas. While working at BP, due to her modeling experience, she became the New Anchor for BP's TCtv. TCtv was BP's in house new channel. During her career at BP, she began to get involved in philanthropic activities raising money for multiple organizations with an emphasis on the Houston Grand Opera. In 2011 she started working for Siemens where she currently remains.