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Enterprise D
The Enterprise D in orbit around a given planet
Launched: Stardate: 41339.69
24 September 2363
Commissioned: Stardate: 41124
4 October 2363
Status: Destroyed:
Stardate: 45650.1
26 August 2371
General Characteristics
Class: Galaxy
Category: Explorer
Mass: 4,500,000 t
Length: 2108 ft (642.51 m)
Width: 1521 ft (463 m)
Height: 451 ft (137 m)
Decks: 42
Cargo Capacity: 975,000 t
Propulsion and power: Warp:
2 x LF-41 warp nacelles with 1 x 1500+ cochrane matter/antimatter warp core
3 x subatomic unified energy impulse units with independent fusion reactors
Max Velocity: 9.6 Warp, .65 c Impulse
Complement: 1,014 officers, crew, and civilians
15,000 emergency limit
Armament: 12 x 5.1 MW type-X linear phaser arrays, 2 x Mk 95 photon launchers
Shielding: 10 x 473,000 MW deflector generators
Spacecraft: 72:
Twelve type 15, 15A, and 16 shuttlepods;
four travel pods Fifteen type 6 shuttles;
ten type 7 shuttles;
ten type 9A cargo shuttles;
five special-purpose shuttles;
Ten work bees;
five Sphinx type M1 workpods;
One Galaxy type captain's yacht
Also 400 escape pods
This information has many sources, especially [1]
Star Trek Template Project

Star Trek Template Project[edit]

Just as, both in Wikipedia and in other vehicle reference texts and sites, it is common for ships, aircraft, spacecraft, and such vessels to have a statistics template which shows their dimensions, velocity, propulsion, and other easily categorized features, so Star Trek spacecraft should have them.

To the right is the prototype template, to ultimately be added to articles about specific Star Trek spacecraft. You're welcome to send me advice, adapt it to articles you're editing, et cetera.

This basic model uses the most ubuquitous and famous starship, the Enterprise D (of ST:TNG fame), and is styled loosely on the actual USS Enterprise nuclear carrier wiki template, since that seems most appropriate.

Supported Pages[edit]

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You're welcome to support and expand this system, including your own version of the template in the starship pages where you can make a difference. Just pull up this page in Edit and copy the template code (at the top), add it to the starship pages you find appropriate, changing the stats as appropriate and commenting out fields which don't apply.

When you add the template to new starships, please update the list below:

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