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Truth, not Silence[edit]

If one's goal is to help produce a truthful, accurate, and complete Wikipedia, not to fulfill one's own agenda, one quickly comes to realize that there are two kinds of people fixing allegedly inaccurate or PoV entries:

  • There are people who attempt to fix the error, generally by changing the wording so that it's more objective and accurate. "Senator X lied about Such and Such" should usually be changed (if the lie isn't pretty much proven) to "So-and-so asserted, based on this and that, that Senator X did not tell the truth about Such and Such".
  • And then there are people whose goal is to censor information that doesn't fit their own personal agenda. These people tend to delete supposedly flawed material wholesale, and often will insist continuing to delete any reference to it, no matter how much others attempt to fix the material to comply with their objections. There's no way, if such a person likes Senator X, that any even vaguely accurate mention of Such and Such will survive deletion.

We should all strive to be the former, not the latter, even...or especially...when the topic at hand is important to us and we do prefer one side over the other.

Acknowledged Articles[edit]

People keep saying I should track the articles I've created, or dominantly edited, that have gotten awards, features, et cetera. Unfortunately, I haven't kept track of them at all. Here are a few I know of...

Austrian Economics[edit]

Historical Barnstar.png The Curator Barnstar
It's good to see someone with a solid grounding in economic history contributing to our economics pages. Thanks! --LK (talk) 02:44, 9 May 2011 (UTC)

List of basil cultivars[edit]

Cscr-featured.png List of basil cultivars, which you created, has been selected as a featured list! The featured lists are what we believe to be the best lists in Wikipedia. Prior to being listed here, lists are reviewed at Wikipedia:Featured list candidates for usefulness, completeness, accuracy, neutrality, style and prose according to our featured list criteria.

Castorocauda lutrasimilis[edit]

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Microhyla nepenthicola[edit]


The DYK project (nominate) 08:03, 11 November 2013 (UTC)

Three-hand effect[edit]

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Nice edits. I recognize you as a respected user. 1234567890Number (talk) 01:56, 24 January 2013 (UTC)


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If you have any questions about the permission, don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, happy editing! Acalamari 18:31, 25 January 2011 (UTC)

Media Mention[edit]

In the article The Republican Primary, as Told by Wikipedia Edits, Kaz is in the list of top editors in the Ron Paul category, with additional mention of the article he created, List of companion plants and, for some reason, Jehovah's Witness, probably some coincidence of what he was editing at the time of the article.

Since it's a multimedia page, one cannot link directly to the view showing Kaz, so here's a screen shot:


Pages Kaz Created[edit]

Ten years ago, I figured we'd soon run out of new articles to create. But not only is there more to what we know than one generally thinks about, but I'm also constantly surprised at the relatively important topics that nobody, even all this time later, has bothered to put together even as a stub. So I just filtered my contributions by "only show edits that are page creations", and I'm going to list a few here that I'm especially proud to have shared with the community since I became an editor in 2004. While I'm overtly showing off my contributions, my secret underlying motivation is to encourage people to read about these wonderful, but apparently overlooked, bits of human knowledge.

  • Dianthus plumarius — commonly known as the garden pink, this is the flower from which the color pink got its name...and yet nobody had made an article, I guess because this flower was trendy only back in the 17th century, and is almost forgotten today.
  • Cyberpunk (novel) — This is the story by Bruce Bethke that named the entire cyberpunk genre, and nobody'd made the article for it. I also had to make one for his parody of the genre, Headcrash.
  • Uncloudy Day — This is one of the most-covered gospel songs of all time. No matter what kind of music you like, you should check out The Staple Singers version here, which helped inspire Bob Dylan to become a musician. The deep, soulful vocals starting halfway through were coming from the heart of a 14 year old girl.
  • On the Writing of Speculative Fiction — Robert Heinlein may have influenced more Science Fiction writers than any other author, or any other human but Hugo Gernsback, and this is his most famous advice on how to write.
  • Of the Balance of Trade — One of the most important post-classical philosophers, David Hume, wrote a book that changed the way economists saw money, and nobody'd made an article for it.
    • The next several are all seminal economic books, none of which had articles. It's one of those categories that is strangely neglected. Same with aquaria, exotic pets, and horticulture. Not sure why, since they all have large fan bases.
  • Money and Trade — This book is not as famous as it should be. John Law convinced the Crown to set up one of the first paper money systems, using this missive.
  • Trade of the WorldIsaac Gervaise (no relation) wisely destroys mercantilism and protectionism in this super-early monetary theory epistle.
  • Della Moneta — Galiani's book is at least as important as The Wealth of Nations, which it laid the foundation for, yet it didn't even have an article. All modern realms of monetary theory are explicitly identified herein.
  • Thomas Godfrey — wrote the first professional play by an American author, The Prince of Parthia. The educated thespians among you probably know that one. He definitely deserved an article.
  • Galapagos tomato — The galapagos islands have their own unique tomato species (plural).
  • Our Enemy, the State — Both modern American Conservatism and libertarianism would not exist in their current forms, without this book, which is attacking the authoritarian state, not government in general.
  • The Constitution of No AuthorityLysander Spooner was the most important abolitionist of his day, but reacted to the extreme wrongs of the Civil War with this criticism of forced submission to authoritarian government.
  • Three-hand effect — If you were a piano music aficionado in the mid 19th century, this would be the FIRST article you'd create. But only 150 years later, nobody had made it at all. When he was alive, Franz Liszt was more famous for his version of the three-hand technique than for his classical compositions. And it's the only reason Thalberg is even remembered to history.
  • Cladodont — The most dominant type of shark in the devonian, didn't have an article. I actually bought a cladodont tooth off of eBay in order to take the pic used therein.
  • The Counter-Revolution of Science — One of the most important topics in the Philosophy of Science is this work by Friedrich Hayek.
  • Saint Louis cuisine — Can you believe this article didn't exist?
  • Morgan's Riflemen — Without these guys, we may well have lost the American Revolution. Daniel Morgan, Nathaniel Greene, and Casimir Pulaski (no relation) won the war, not George Washington, who was losing it in the North, but happened to be there to take credit for the final British surrender, in a Yorktown battle Washington had actually opposed fighting, which had been initiated by the French (Rochambeau) and Virginians without his knowledge.
  • The Denationalization of Money — Another important text by Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek, that didn't have an article
  • Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument — A 120 foot tall spire raised for the top abolitionist of the Saint Louis area, murdered while defending his anti-slavery newspaper's printing press from mindless thugs.
  • Russian tea cake — Okay, it's one thing for nobody to bother with trivial things like world-changing economic or political works, but how is it that nobody had made an article for this amazing pastry?
  • Snow pea — Yummy.
  • Yellow curry — not quite as yummy as snow peas, but worth having an article
  • Moultrie Flag — Also known as the Liberty Flag, one of the first American flags in the Revolutionary War
  • List of basil cultivars — I made this primarily for my own edification, to organize my basil-planting plans for that year, but it became a Featured List on Wikipedia
  • Richard Timberlake — One of the most important living economists. And a great guy.
  • Virginia Heinlein — Wife of Robert Heinlein
  • John Philiponus — 6th century polymath.
  • Alien Legion — Spectacular comic series, like Guardians of the Galaxy but better.
  • Brach's — Yep, I made the actual Brach's company article, back in 2005. And the article for its founder, Emil J. Brach.
  • Ice cream float — Even back then, it was kinda strange that this didn't have an article.
  • WWIV — The software I used for my BBS and network, in the early to mid 1990s.
  • Monks Mound — The best example of the Mound builders Civilization's eponymous structures. Oh, I created the Mound Builders article, too.
  • Romano cheese — Had no article
  • 666 (Aphrodite's Child album) — One of my favorite albums of all time
  • The Brothers Grunt — Best...cartoon...ever.

Multicat Script[edit]

My latest script project

Star Trek Template Project[edit]

I've moved this project to its own page: User:Kazvorpal/startrek-template

Paleo Template[edit]

I'm now working on a template to give quick summary to basic stats, initially for dinosaurs, but perhaps eventually for more. It's User:Kazvorpal/paleo-template


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