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Hello! My name is Kelly Paige! I am 20 years old and i am a proud mother to a one month old baby girl named, Elayna Nicole. I currently go to St. Charles Community College. I am interested in running, working out, hanging out with friends, spending time with my daughter, and rewatching the best show in the entire world, LOST! :)

  1. Mental block

Psychology 101 Assignments[edit]

Week one:

  • Created a user account
  • Created a user page
  • Added my name to the class list

Week two:

  • introduced myself and left a message on the person aboves page,Holly0218
  • added this section to my user page and listed the assignments i have completed.

Week three:

  • I read over the article aboutAggressionism and left my opinion on how to improve it.
  • i would like to improve one of the articles
  1. Awkwardness
  2. Work and stress
  3. Mental block

Week four and five:

  • Added the WAP template to my page..(below)

  • added a few sentences to the Mental Blocks page and cited it at the bottom.

Week six: