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KingpinBot is a bot (i.e. an automated editing program) which is approved to deliver news letters/notifications to the members of WikiProjects, to add WikiProject banners to the talk pages of appropriate pages (identified using categories), to update User:Jennavecia/AFDBIO, to clear CAT:UAA/UWCOI of blocked users, and to archive the request for permissions pages. If you'd like the bot to do one of the WikiProject tasks for your WikiProject, please make a request on the user talk page. For the WikiProject tasks, KingpinBot runs using AutoWikiBrowser in automatic (bot) mode, with Plugin++, and is supervised by User:Kingpin13. The AFDBIO updating, and de-categorising are C# programs, and the RFPERM archiving is an F# program. The bot is written and run by Kingpin13.

WikiProject Task[edit]

See WP:Bots/Requests for approval/KingpinBot

This is a history of the projects KingpinBot has worked for, and what tasks it carried out for them. This list only includes tasks where a specific request was made by the project.

Archiving permissions page[edit]

See WP:Bots/Requests for approval/KingpinBot 2

This task runs daily. As well as archiving old requests, the bot also notes if the requester already has the right they're requesting, and maintains an index of past requests at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Archive. There are a number of settings which control how the bot carries this task out:

  • To stop the bot running this task, change the text of /runarchive to anything other than "run".
  • You can change the regex it uses to identify notdone and done requests, see /notdone and /done.
  • To change the time which the bot waits before archiving a request after the last comment, change /wait.css to the number of hours to leave a request
  • To make the bot ignore the time (e.g. archive as soon as request is approved/denied), add {{User:KingpinBot/archivenow}} to the request text.
  • To tell the bot where to archive a request (overriding any other parameters and preventing checks for correct permissions) you can use {{User:KingpinBot/override}}, see the template for documentation.

You can see stats for the last run below. The bot will also report any problems below.

Bot Report[edit]

Run successful - last run time 24/08/2015 13:00
Bot disabled - last attempted run time 24/08/2015 13:00:09

Updating AFDBIO[edit]

See WP:Bots/Requests for approval/FritzpollBot 4 and WT:Bots/Requests_for_approval/Archive_4#User:FritzpollBot

The bot runs daily, and lists open biography-related AfDs at User:Jennavecia/AFDBIO, sorted by the creation date of the AfD discussion page. It also notes if the debates have been relisted. The bot uses a regex pattern to identify which pages in the category should not be listed, see /afdrequire.css. This task was originally handled by User:FritzpollBot.

UAA and UWCOI category clearing[edit]

See WP:Bots/Requests for approval/KingpinBot 3 & WP:Bots/Requests for approval/KingpinBot 4

This task runs daily, the bot runs through the user pages in Category:Wikipedia usernames with possible policy issues and Category:User talk pages with conflict of interest notices, and removes the categories from any users who have been indefinitely blocked. To stop this task change the content of /rundecat to anything other than "run".

Bot Report[edit]

Run successful - last run time 11/03/2015 15:41:13
  • Pages in category = 6215
  • Pages edited = 9
  • Instances removed = 13
  • Skipped...
    • Non userspace = 0
    • IP addresses = 0
    • Bot denied = 0
  • Errors = 0

One-off tasks[edit]

ArbCom December 2011 elections voter logging[edit]

See WP:Bots/Requests for approval/KingpinBot 6

The bot runs every hour, and updates Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2011/Log with a list of users who have voted on the elections though the secure poll. This bot uses code originally written by User:Rspeer, then passed on to User:DeltaQuad (see Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/RSElectionBot and Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/DeltaQuadBot 3). Source code can be seen at this link.