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See also OTRS Ticket Number 2006100310008279, where the permission is confirmed again.

Images at World Coin Gallery can be used on Wikipedia. I (Kingturtle 08:26, 8 Mar 2004 (UTC)) emailed our request for permission to the site's owner and received the following reply on 3/5/2004:

Thank you for your inquiry.  I will be honored to
provide images for your free encyclopedia.  I grant
you full permission to use any coin images from my
webpages at  If possible, I
would enjoy receiving an Email with a link to the
pages where my images are used, so I can visit to see
them there. 
Thanks for the service you are providing to the world!
Best wishes,
Don Norris

Flominator asked if the permission include commercial use and modification and the reply (insert OTRS-Link) was:

Yes, my permission includes commercial use and modification.
Don Norris
owner of

The next question (insert OTRS-Link) was, if attribution is required:

I would like to have my website, credited with my images.
Don Norris

Users, please post {{WorldCoinGallery}} on the particular image description page. It reads:

This template should only be used on image pages.

Also, please email Don Norris (donnorris58|at|yahoo|dot|com) with a link to the article using the image.

Users, please list here the World Coin Gallery images utilized by Wikipedia, and what articles are involved: