Luís Fróis

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Luís Fróis
Born 1532 (1532)
Lisbon, Portugal
Died 8 July 1597 (1597-07-09)
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Portuguese Missionary, writer
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Luís Fróis (1532 – 8 July 1597) was a Portuguese missionary.

He was born in Lisbon and in 1548 joined the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). In 1563, he arrived in Japan to engage in missionary work, and in the following year arrived in Kyoto, meeting Ashikaga Yoshiteru who was then Shogun. In 1569, he befriended Oda Nobunaga and stayed in his personal residence in Gifu while writing books for a short while. His works on history were somewhat expanded by Joāo Rodrigues.

Nihonshi, manuscript page.

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