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I finished MA program of Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Philosophy (Thesis on Religion in aesthetics of Russian Avant-garde Vitebsk School). Two years tought history of philosophy in Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies. Now I`m writing PhD thesis on relations between Aesthetics of Modern art of Taiwan and Classic Chinese Aesthetics.

Academic Publications[edit]


  • Museum and the postmodern era. Coursebook for students (majors: "humanities" 030000 "Social science" 040000, "culture and the arts" 070000). St. Petersburg. 2010.
  • The museum in the postmodern era. Representation of the museum. The collective monograph. St. Petersburg State University. 2010. (Sections: Azarov, K.V. Larionov, I.Y. Basis of postmodernist museification of modern culture. 9-22 pp.; Azarov, K.V. System of gestures of culture in a space of museum. 136-151 pp.)


  • Oblivion and artistic heritage // Museum and Cultural Heritage: Postmodern. St. Petersburg. 2010.
  • Visual Shock. Photographic dimension of the problem // Metaphysical studies. Vol. 214. Daguerreotype. St. Petersburg. 2010.
  • Memory of the art in modern times // Cultural heritage in the postmodern situation. St. Petersburg. 2009.
  • The New Religious Charisma // 4th International Scientific Conference of Philosophy, Religion and Culture of Asian Countries (Torchinov Readings). 2007.
  • Abstract art as epistemology of the observer // Viewer in the art. The interpretation and creativity. Materials of scientific conference. St. Petersburg. 2007.


  • Genesis of social according to Christoph Wulf. The ideology of education, body, communication (Review on Wulf Chr. Zur Genese des Sozialen. Mimesis, Performativität, Ritual. Bielefeld, 2005) // Credo new. Vol 1. 2010.

In a process of publication

  • The experience of the victim in the artistic representation of the twentieth century and George Segal // materials of Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies conference “Time and Ritual”, 2010.
  • Animated film “A Jewish Girl in Shanghai” (“犹太女孩在上海”). Art and Politics in the Era of Globalization // materials of Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies conference

in memoriam of K.B. Starkovoy, 2011.

Wiki biography[edit]

First time I created article in Russian Wikipedia in 2007, but registered an account only in 2013. My first article in English Wikipedia was created 15 June 2013.

My active Wiki projects[edit]

Articles of Wikipedia, which are now developing by me

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