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My Profile[edit]

I am Koushik.M.Krishnan residing and working at Chennai, India. 2wenty5 years back I was born in a small town called Pala , Kerala. I belong to Tirunelveli, a city renowned for Temples, Textiles and Alwa.

My school days in Rose Mary and IIPE LR Hr Sec School in Tirunelveli were very spicy and sprightly in the company of many memorable friends. I have a childlike appetite for design, cinema and photography , that inborn passion got nurtured when I graduated on Visual communication from Layola Chenni. and PGD Visual Effects in ICAT. Exceptional education under the magical spell of many magnificent teachers added with the fine flavour of fabulous friendship, Life is indeed a boon.

I deem myself a self-taught designer and coder captivated with anything and everything that is digital.. Designing websites has been a long passion for me. With the facilities at home I set my hands on designing websites and skins even from the age of thirteen and the thrill never subsides. Aesthetically, I prefer simple, elegant and spick & span designs.

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Other Places in the web >> My Blog | Art Works @ DeviantART | @ Behance | @ Picasa | @ Virb