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I'm a professional magician and help support MagicPedia and WikiProject Magic in my off time. I like playing with and collecting Jerry's Nugget playing cards and spending time teaching the youth of magic at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp. One of my goals currently is to help assimilate all of MagicPedia's historical content onto the Wikipedia (and vice versa). One of my other goals is to help spread the word about the 52 Plus Joker Organization.

We need to use the tools of today, to teach the youth of today, why the magicians of yesterday are worth knowing.

I live in Eugene,_Oregon (US). Current Time: 19:51 (PCT)

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Original Letter to Project Magic[edit]

Hello everyone working on ProjectMagic.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are MagicPedia (MagicPedia Team: Richard Kaufman, Joseph Pecore, Lee Asher, and several others.) Think of us as your 'younger brother'.

We built MagicPedia on the same wiki software and principles as Wikipedia, but consider our content strictly geared towards magicians as the audience. It allows us to add more detailed magic related information that doesn't really fit within Wikipedia's guidelines. But there are some areas that intersect, and that's why we are in contact with all of you.

We believe MagicPedia and Wikipedia are not mutually exclusive. It's our belief that leaving quality breadcrumbs for future generations is one of the best ways to make them care about the culture of our rich ancestry and art. It's our job, as the ambassadors of the off-line and online magic world, to build digital bridges to anyone who cares enough to look. We want to use the tools of today, to teach the youth of tomorrow why the magicians of yesterday are worth knowing.

We are proud to announce that we will be assimilating all of our historical content on Magicpedia into Wikipedia.

We need your help.

We need your help to make sure we follow Wikipedia rules and guidelines. We need your help moving the information. MagicPedia would like to work together with MagicProject to significantly improve Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to magic as a performance art. It's in all of our best interests to work together, as a collective, to make this happen.

For our first act of assimilation, we would like to move over our relevant pages of Biographies that are not already in Wikipedia. For example: Stewart James, Al Baker, Ross Bertram, John Booth, Ken Brooke, T.A. Waters, Winston Freer, Faucett Ross, August Roterberg, Eddie Fields, Frank Garcia, Professor Hoffmann, Al Mann, Bill Amac, Jean Hugard, Fredrick Braue, Han Ping Chien, Michael Skinner, Karrell Fox, Stewart Judah, Joseffy, Carl Hermann, Harold Rice, Jimmy Grippo, Issac Fawkes, Max Holden, Ottokar Fischer, Sid Lorraine, Lafayette, Karl Fulves, Lewis Ganson, Jack Chanin, Milton Kort, U.F. Grant, C. Lang Neil, John Ramsay, Ralph Hull, Tenkai, Peter Kane, Dr. Jacob Daily, Servais LeRoy, Peter Warlock, Dell O' Dell, Edward Victor, Percy Abbott, Ellis Stanyon, David Abbott, Samuel Hooker and Paul LePaul.

Each one of these magicians represents a piece of our rich history, and deserves a spot in Wikipedia.

Our thought is to add general biographical information on Wikipedia about the person, and provide a link back to MagicPedia for the more detailed magic specific information (that most likely doesn't belong on Wikipedia). This is similar to what we do on MagicPedia for Celebrity magicians like where we include mostly just magic related information about Dick Cavett, but link to Wikipedia for more general information.

We'd also like to add the WikiProject_Magic box in each article, because it's just as important to highlight your organization's efforts as well.

We welcome everyone on the Project_Magic team to use Magicpedia for creating and/or updating any article that you see a need to get more specific about a magic topic that would be too detailed for Wikipedia's audience.

The most significant importance of the internet is that it's our chance to revive the magic culture that our ancestors romanticized about. We hope to work together to achieve this.

Please let us know your thoughts, and the best way for all of us to proceed. —Preceding comment added by Leeasher 17:37, 12 September 2008 (UTC)

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