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Since discovering Wikipedia in 2003 I have been addicted to it. Firstly I used it for reference, but have since started to write my own articles. I'm sure you know what it is like to see all those red links that go nowhere, so I have become a Wikipedian.

My username, if you really need to know, comes from one of my favourite of artists - Tamara de Lempicka

My first article written for this site was for Clarice Cliff, the ceramic artist native to my own city - Stoke-on-Trent, another page which I have done a lot of work to. Eventually I hope to have everybody who was born in The Potteries linked up and written up, but that will take time.

Articles Created[edit]


Fred Archer (jockey); Filbert Bayi (athlete); Phil Bennett (rugby union player); Joan Benoit (marathon runner); Terry Biddlecombe (jockey); Martin Buss (high jumper); Cassie Campion (squash player); Henry Cecil (horse racing trainer); Susan Devoy (squash player); Steve Donoghue (jockey); Guy Drut (athlete); David Duckham (rugby player); Stephan Eberharter (skier); Pierre Etchebaster (real tennis player); Wojtek Fibak (tennis player); Sarah Fitz-Gerald (squash player); Robert Fulford (croquet player); Andy Haden (rugby union player); Ted Hankey (darts player); Rudy Hartono (badminton player); Franz Klammer (skier); Jan Kodes (tennis player); List of Squash Players; List of World Open Squash Championship Results; Hermann Maier (skier); Bronislaw Malinoswki (athlete); Michelle Martin (squash player); Heather McKay (squash player); Rodney Milburn (athlete); Carole Montillet (skier); Janet Morgan (squash player); Lisa Opie (squash player); Carol Owens (squash player); Rainer Schoenfelder (skier); Geet Sethi (billiards player); Phil Taylor (darts player); Pekka Vasala (athlete); Grete Waitz (marathon runner)

The Arts[edit]

Bill Brandt (photographer); Ossie Clark (fashion designer); Clarice Cliff (ceramic artist); Susie Cooper (ceramic artist); Terence Cuneo (painter); John Cunliffe (children's writer); William Powell Frith (painter); Norman Garstin (painter); Pam Gems (playwright); Tito Gobbi (baritone); Norman Hartnell (dressmaker); Johannes Itten (painter and designer); Zizi Jeanmaire (prima ballerina); Charlotte Lennox (writer); Daido Moriyama (photographer); Edna O'Brien (author); Don Paterson (poet); Sandy Powell (costume designer); E.D.E.N. Southworth (author); Thomas Struth (photographer); Sidney Tushingham (painter and etcher); John Wain (poet)


Ray Alan (ventriloquist); Peter Brough (ventriloquist); Ronald Chesney (comedy scriptwriter); Charlie Chester (comedian and presenter); Peter Dawson (Australian bass-baritone); John Esmonde (comedy scriptwriter); Barry Evans (TV sitcom actor); Rikki Fulton (Scottish comedian); Errol Garner (jazz pianist); James Hydrick (illusionist); Laid Back (pop group); Bob Larbey (comedy scriptwriter); Dan Leno (music-hall entertainer); Sandy Powell (ventriloquist and comedian); Johnny Speight (TV scriptwriter); Peter Tinniswood (TV and radio scriptwriter); Ronald Wolfe (comedy scriptwriter)

History, Politics, Royality, Religion[edit]

John Baskeyfield (WW2 hero); Donald Coggan (Archbishop of Canterbury 1974-1980); Janos Kadar (Hungarian political leader); Edward Pakenham (British General)

Geography, World and Culture[edit]

Ibarra (town in northern Ecuador); Machala (city in south-west Ecuador); Manaus (city in north Brazil)


Fiona Thornewill (explorer); Pierre Paul Riquet (engineer)

Articles I have worked on[edit]

Bob Black (Scottish comedy wrtier - stub created); Mastermind (list of champions); Port Vale F.C. (major updating); Slash (rock guiatist); Stoke-on-Trent (my home city)


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