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Proud contributions[edit]

Creator of the page of List of Chinese inventions. Believe it nor not, I had to fight hard to justify the existence of this page!

Computer Science[edit]


Factorial, Permutation, Combination

Other random contributions[edit]

Template:Internet Access,

Quick notes[edit]

tips for apartment renters[edit]

I hate to say that it is easy to be ripped of by apartments. Here are some tips:

  • Safety is the first priority. Monitored entry gate is preferred. You may request crime stats about one apartment from the local police station with little fee. Or check online data.
  • Ask about application fee, deposit, water bill, gas bill, reserved parking lot fee, garbage collection fee in addition to regular apartment rent. Those little things may cost you a fortune.
  • Be very, very careful when signing your lease: make sure the rent, the lease term is exactly you agreed. Make copies for all of them especially the supplemental documents of discounts. Take oral promises as absolutely nothing!!
  • Check your unit for everything carefully before move-in, notify the apartment in the formal form and keep it. They may charge you for new damages.
  • Check water pressure if your unit is located in the second floor or above.
  • Check parking lot for good drainage.
  • check the direction of your bedroom. You inner temperature may be very high if your unit is under the direct sun shine in Summer.
  • Delivery move-out notice in time as requested by your lease.

My Favorite[edit]



  • The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins
  • Personal Finance For Dummies, 5th edition (Paperback), by Eric Tyson (Author) test


backup text[edit]

#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
  printf("UPC_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE is %d \n", UPC_MAX_BLOCK_SIZE);
  return 0;

Favorite links[edit]