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Medical Objects Pty Ltd
Industry eHealth and Health informatics Software
Founded 1997
Headquarters Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Key people

Dr Andrew McIntyre (CEO, Director),

Lynden Crawford (General Manager)

Medical Objects (MO) is a privately held company specializing in developing, managing and licensing medical vocabularies. IMO partners with various health care organizations, medical content providers and EHR developers.

Founded in 1997, Medical Objects is based in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Medical-Objects is at the forefront of eHealth and Health Informatics in Australia and provides innovative software products and solutions for the health care industry. Medical-Objects offer software solutions to the following health care providers: General Practice, Allied Health, Specialists, Pathology, Radiology, Hospitals, Aged Care and Government Organizations.


  • Secure Messaging - The Medical-Objects HL7 secure messaging system allows you to securely communicate clinical correspondence between health professionals via a real-time point to point secured network. Medical-Objects integrates with software companies and products including MEDTECH, Medical Director, Genie, Best Practice, Shexie, ZedMed, Total Care and Practix
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)- Medical-Objects Explorer is a clinical application that makes the creation and management of reports a breeze. Explorer is what is known as a ‘rich thin client’ with advanced data analysis, including cumulative results reporting and graphing technology.
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) - Medical-Objects is represented at HL7 and Standards Australia nationally where it has responsibility for V1.1 of the clinical decision support (CDS) language GELLO. Other standards, namely HL7 V2, SNOMED-CT, CEN 13606 (Archetypes) and the CCR/CCD (health record summaries) are used as platforms for the various editors and development tools that Medical-Objects uses and shares with others for refinement.
  • Terminology and Clinical Coding - Medical-Objects expertise in an integrated standards based suite of technologies, we can work with you to electronically capture, persist, decision support, and report across the full clinical complexity of your enterprise. We have experience with mapping terms to SNOMED-CT and LOINC; and with using ICD-10-AM. Furthermore we have worked with industry partners such as ACCTI and the CSIRO for larger scale projects involving reference terminology.
  • Health Informatics Research - Medical Objects has an active standards-based research and development program. It is represented at HL7 and Standards Australia nationally and HL7 internationally where it has responsibility for v1.1 of the decision support language GELLO. Other standards, namely HL7 V2, Snomed-CT, CEN 13606 (Archetypes) and the CCR/CCD (Health record summaries), are used as platforms for the various editors and development tools that Medical-Objects uses and shares with other for refinement.
  • HL7 Knowledge and Consultation - The Medical-Objects team has extensive knowledge in implementation of HL7 standards based messaging and clinical decision support technologies. Medical-Objects is the first and currently only Australian organisation to obtain certification for its HL7 V2.3.1 messages. Certified with the AHML (Australian Healthcare Messaging Laboratory) since 2005. HL7 Australia member since 2005.
  • Pathology Software - Medical-Objects has developed a Clinical Pathology software solution that combines secure messaging, atomic data reports, machine integration, advanced structured reports and decision support systems. Utilises standards namely HL7 V2, Snomed-CT, CEN 13606 (Archetypes)HL7, and GELLO Expression Language.

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