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Tracey Ragouzis (born September 23, 1851), better known as The lady with white hair that was found in the subway station late at night, is an Indonesian native, moved to America in July of 1893. In 1902, she became better recognized as The Teacher From The Heavens due to her lay-back teaching style, "chill" as her students might have called it. Tracey is known for owning two bearded dragons that she keeps as pets.

Early Life[edit]

Tracey Ragouzis was born in the Citarum River, Indonesia, which has been called the world's most polluted river.[1] At age four, she left her family in pursue of a new life in Bulgaria. Upon arriving in Bulgaria, Tracey discovered that she no longer could live up to her big sister's expectations of her being an extreme skier during the holidays. Although, after a tragic skiing incident in 1892, she lost three toes. Due to the loss of Tracey's toes, she was no longer able to fit into her ski boots. Because she was no longer able to ski in Bulgaria, Tracey made the journey back across the seas to America's Concrete Jungle.[2] Later that year, she lost her left ring finder in a car door slam while she was getting out of a taxi cab after returning to her home in New York. This did not discourage her, however, because she took up competitive jet skiing. While skiing in the harbors of Coney Island, Tracey became inspired by her skiing instructor to become an educator. After her quite restless lifestyle as a competitive skier, Tracey later earner her Master's Degree in education with a language arts emphasis. She then moved to the beautiful state of Colorado with her new husband where she taught sixth grade. Being away from the water aggravated her deeply, so she sought out a new incising hobby: taxidermy.

Teaching Style[edit]


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