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I am user Uwe Lück (nickname “Lückenlos”) on the German Wikipedia. I have mainly tried to improve Wikipedia articles by comparing them, using recent material from some articles for related ones.

I started working heavily as an amateur on mold and related physical and chemical subjects. Then I moved to popular and obscure historical subjects such as Curse of the pharaohs (de:Fluch des Pharao). This resulted in Raetians (de:Räter) and related subjects – still amateur, but really spending a lot of time reading sources (even Latin) and visiting libraries. It ended in January 2009. Another subject I have liked to work at were aviation accidents such as Lauda Air Flight 004 (de:Lauda-Air-Flug 004).

I have been more than an amateur in mathematics with main interests in foundational themes such as set theory. I did some work on de:Kurt Gödel (Kurt Gödel) employing this.

Later, I have only visited Wikipedia for certain subjects in the news and did a few edits when it seemed that something was missing.