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I'm Alex Madva.

I helped Julie Farman to organize an editathon at the 2016 Wikiconference North America in honor of User:Kevin Gorman that aimed to increase the coverage of underrepresented philosophers and philosophy on Wikipedia. The project lives on as part of the Women in Red Drive, spearheaded by User:J Milburn and others.

Kevin first introduced me to editing on Wikipedia (we put together a sort of mission statement back in March 2013).

So far I have directly contributed to only a few articles (Christia Mercer, Jennifer Saul, Pamela Hieronymi, Amélie Rorty, Richard Rorty, Patricia Devine, Susan Brison, Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Jennifer Nagel, and List of women philosophers).

I am an assistant professor of philosophy at Cal Poly Pomona. For more about me, check out my personal website,