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Drive on Women in Philosophy: Aug-Dec 2016

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The 2016 Women in Philosophy Drive, including the Kevin Gorman Memorial Edit-a-thon, is an effort put together by some Wikipedians in August 2016 under the auspices of the WikiProject Women in Red to create articles about women philosophers and women in philosophy, broadly construed. It has as its target the creation of 50 such articles by the end of 2016, but would welcome the creation of many more. All Wikipedians, female and male, old and new, with and without experience of the Women in Red project or philosophy, are warmly invited to contribute to the drive by adding their names to the list below and listing the articles that they have created, or else contributing to the articles created by others.

This drive has been created to continue the good work of, and in loving memory of, Kevin Gorman, a Wikipedian who hoped to one day create a WikiProject for women philosophers similar to WikiProject Women scientists. Kevin sadly died in 2016 (see "Kevin Gorman, who took on Wikipedia's gender gap and undisclosed paid advocacy, dies at 24", The Signpost, and "RIP Kevin Gorman, unsung advocate for women in philosophy", Feminist Philosophers). If the drive is a success, it could form the basis of a future WikiProject like the one Kevin imagined.

In Kevin's words:

Wikipedia has significant systemic bias; around 90% of our contributors our men. In a similar vein, philosophy as a field has significant systemic bias - women philosophers are less likely to be cited/written about/hold named professorships etc than their male compatriots are, even when they've made equally significant contributions to their field. Unfortunately, the bias of Wikipedia compounds the bias already found in philosophy. As a result, our coverage of women philosophers is horrible. Until recently [August 2013], there wasn't even an article about Alison Jaggar, a philosopher who taught the first feminist philosophy class ever. I know we can't (at least in a reasonable amount of time) correct this imbalance, but I do think we can at least mitigate it.

The Kevin Gorman Memorial Edit-a-thon took place on Saturday 8 October as part of the 201G WikiConference North America. For the purposes of the editathon, the theme was broadened from women in philosophy to under-represented groups, including women, in philosophy.

Stuck for what to work on?[edit]

See the lists at User:Kevin Gorman/philosophers (also listed on this page's talk page), Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red/Philosophers and the Wikidata list of red links. There are also some people without articles who have won the Distinguished Woman Philosopher of the Year award.

Don't forget to add your new pages to the List of women philosophers and the pertinent surname page.


Please list articles created/expanded below, along with their creation/expansion date (most recent at the top). If the articles appear on did you know, or are promoted to good or featured status, this should also be noted.

  1. Laura Ruetsche - 12 April
  2. Beth Lord - 21 December
  3. Katherine Hawley - 28 November (created as part of the locally organised editathon at the University of St Andrews)
  4. Dorit Bar-On - 17 October (created as part of the editathon)
  5. Samantha Brennan - 15 October (recreated after earlier deletion)
  6. Jennifer Nagel - 10 October (created as part of the editathon)
  7. Rosemarie Tong - 10 October (created as part of the editathon)
  8. Nancy Tuana - 8 October (created as part of the editathon)
  9. Ursula Klein - 8 October (created as part of the editathon)
  10. Anna L. Peterson - 24 September ( 20 October)
  11. Lilavati Singh - 16 September (tweeted with pic)
  12. Jessica Pierce - 3 September ( 20 September)
  13. Ruth Anna Putnam - 29 August - stub created
  14. Rachel Cooper (philosopher) - 27 August ( 5 September 2016)
  15. Inga Bostad - 24 August tweeted at #wikiwomeninred
  16. Tamara Horowitz - 21 August ( 26 August)
  17. Dorthe Jørgensen - 18 August tweet of sorts
  18. Ruth Hagengruber - 18 Aug polished & tweeted
  19. Anna Forbes Liddell - 18 August - tweeted
  20. Lisa Bortolotti - 18 August ( 25 August)
  21. Carolina Scotto - 17 August - tweeted
  22. Marjorie Silliman Harris – 17 August
  23. Cynthia M. Grund - 17 August - tweeted
  24. Clare Palmer - 13 August ( 17 September; nominated at GAC)
  25. Josephine Donovan - 12 August


  1. Elizabeth Barnes - 28 November (improved as a part of the drive; rescued after a nomination at AfD: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Elizabeth Barnes)
  2. Margaret Atherton - 8 October (translated into Spanish as part of the editathon)
  3. Helen Longino - 8 October (improved as part of the editathon)
  4. Susan Brison - 8 October (improved as part of the editathon)
  5. José Medina (philosopher) - 8 October (created as part of the editathon)
  6. Ziba Mir-Hosseini - 8 October (improved as part of the editathon)


Project template[edit]

Please consider adding {{2016 Women in Philosophy Drive}} to the talk pages of articles created as a part of the drive:

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