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About me[edit]

I am a writer and editor with a background in biology and environmental studies. My main concern on Wikipedia is to make sure articles are readable, accessible, grammatically correct and adequately referenced. Occasionally I'll take an interest in the factual content of articles of particular interest to me.

Pages I can remember having started (mostly stubs)[edit]

Some pages in which I sometimes take a more than passing interest[edit]

Pages in which, according to my Edit Counts, I've taken a more than passing interest in the past[edit]


My pet peeve: people who add content without citations. Wikipedia is only useful so far as people can verify what they read here. If, say, I need to know the population of Phoenix, I can look it up here, but I can't actually use whatever figure I find unless I can find the source it came from. If you know something, you got it from somewhere, right? So tell us where! It's not that hard. And if you can't tell us where you know it from, you shouldn't be adding it here in the first place!

In short: don't be lazy.


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