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MySpace Events are a series of shows featuring celebrities in the music, comedy, and movie business including, MySpace Secret Shows, MySpace Secret Stand Up, and MySpace Black Curtain Screenings. They are found out through different means on MySpace. The shows are free, and are made possible by different organizations. Then they are announced publicly after the performance. MySpace's most successful franchise, Secret Shows is sponsored by Chili's who makes them possible, and Best Buy who feature the artists at their stores, in the U.S. They are presented in seven different countries by different sponsors with different artists. MySpace Secret Stand Up shows have comedians working with charities which encourage people at the show to donate. MySpace Black Curtain Screenings are presented by their corresponding movies and are shown much before their public release date. The events make a big impact in show business.

MySpace Secret Shows[edit]

MySpace Secret Shows
Launched: January 29, 2006
Presented By: MySpace & Chili's in association with Best Buy, others internationaly
Website: - Latest Show: Brand New (04/01/07 San Francisco, CA)

MySpace Secret Shows (launched in 01/29/06) are performances by popular artists and bands, usually with recent hits, at prominent clubs. They are, as the name suggests, secret and the only way to find out about them is by adding Chili's [1] and Secret Shows [2] to your MySpace profile so they can send you clues. They are held for all ages for free in an intimate environment with a small audience. They usually feature bands in many types of rock and hip-hop genres. MySpace Secret Shows tour the U.S. but are also in the U.K. [3], Australia [4], Japan [5], Canada [6], France [7], and Germany [8]. Each event is sponsored by Chili's and MySpace in association with Best Buy in the U.S. The performances, hailed as the most succesful MySpace franchise [9], were started to bring great bands around the U.S., but now they are international.

Secret Shows[edit]

MySpace Secret Stand Up[edit]

MySpace Secret Stand Up
Launched: March 26, 2007
Presented By: Various Charities
Latest Show: Carlos Mencia (03/26/07 Irvine, CA)

MySpace Secret Stand Up (launched 03/26/07) are shows featuring big name comedians in a "cozy" club with a few hundred people. Like Secret Shows they're free, but the comedian partners up with a charity who fans are encouraged to donate to. They work almost exactly like the Secret Shows in every way.

Secret Stand Up[edit]

MySpace Black Curtain Screenings[edit]

MySpace Black Curtain Screenings
Latest Show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

MySpace Black Curtain Screenings are movies, presented by MySpace, shown much before their release date. The shows are accesed by printing out your MySpace homepage, with MySpace Black Curtain Screenings on your top friends, and show it at the doors for a free entrance. Unlike the other shows, the screenings are not secret are shown in more than one location. The celebrities featured in the movies show up to the screenings.