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I am a student at a college in New England, and have been a Wikipedian for a little under a year now. Unfortunately, I have not been active for some time, but I hope to contribute more in 2007.

Areas of Interest[edit]

My subjects of interest include mathematics and physics, and I hope to specifically make some changes to some of the pages concerning vector calculus. In particular, I would like to overhall the page on the generalized Stoke's theorem in order to both make it more accessible to the non-mathematician and to make it more comprehensive, so that a math student might be able to benefit from it and master the topic. I would also be able to assist in making translations of English pages to Spanish pages in order to increase the size of the Spanish version of Wikipedia, although I don't consider myself competent enough to write an entire article in Spanish myself. Recently I've begun studying German, but I'll have to wait another couple of semesters before I can help out with the German version of Wikipedia.

Personal efforts[edit]

When I do have time to go on Wikipedia, I find myself spending many hours reverting vandalism. If you're a new user, you should install popups. They're great and make navigating Wikipedia a lot easier. With one click you can join the forces of good and battle those who vandalize this great bastion of knowledge. Make sure you read about Wikipedia's policy on vandalism first, though. Leave a message on my user page if you're having trouble installing popups, and I'll try to help.

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