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Hello! My name is Michael B, and I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.


I am especially interested in (and thus interested in editing)...

And have a casual interest in...

Wikipedia Related Ideas and Projects[edit]

Here I'll briefly outline a few of the Wikipedia related projects that have been floating around in my head.


Eventually, I hope to get a few friends together, split into two teams and have a Wikipedia editing contest: see how many pages you can edit in, say, three hours. It will be scored based on quality of edit (spelling mistakes, grammar etc are less valuable, while making new, good articles are more valuable), and will have a focus on being productive and fun, not focusing on being too competitive: I don't want it to lose the focus of improving Wikipedia and instead turn into spamming fluff or unverifiable content.

A Wikibook on Self Defense[edit]

I want to have something substantial completed before I wiki-ify it. It will be very narrowly focused on self-defense, with very little actually covering combat. The little that will cover combat will be very simple and to the point -- nothing fancy, just how to stun the aggressor long enough to get away.

Any comments, please feel free to spew away!