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Michaelwild is an individual of the species Homo sapiens, however this is not his real name and he questions whether he should be classed as Homo sapiens due to recent findings that non-Africans are actually multi-generational hybrids between what might be termed Homo africanus and Homo neanderthalensis. Further confusion lies in the fact that Michaelwild was born in Africa and so were his parents, three of his four grandparents, and at least five of his eight great-grandparents. Michaelwild's near-recent ancestors originate from Scotland, England, Ireland, the Neatherlands, Germany, France and possibly Wales. Michaelwild has been self-diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and has red-haired ancestors, thus proving his Neanderthal ancestry. His Neanderthal ancestor is known in an old Irish dialect as Faebor-begbeoil-cuimdiuir-folt-scenbgairit-sceo-uath however this is merely a description of her, and her name can be reassembled as Lamarianiti. His long distant Homo africanus ancestor had the wolf-dog as his totem. There is also another special person who may or may not be his ancestor, and who was perhaps the former lover of Lamarianiti (or perhaps her brother), but his name is politely not spoken directly due to his passing. We can however refer to him as mead-lover, bee-wolf, wide-brow or brown.

Michaelwild likes Wikipedia because of all the information available on it, however many subjects were missing so Michaelwild has made several pages:

And some others...

Michaelwild has also uploaded a few photos to wikipedia, most of which are self-made under the name "Purves, M":

And a few others not shown here...