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I live in Greece and I am particularly interested in language issues

I participate in a blog in Greek concerning Greek language and languages in Greece from an antinationalist point of view ανορθογραφίες and also in greek in an information mailing list with the same point of view Glos Inform. ανορθογραφίες means 'misspellings'. Machine translation is available.

I participate in Wikipedia in Greek as Valentin, where I am mostly concerned with articles on linguistic issues and I maintain the Greek Wikipedia's Portal:Language

You can leave me a message at User_talk:Michkalas or you can send me an e-mail



I help at Portal:Language.

I participate in

A discussion to reorganise Greek language article series
at Talk:Greek language and User talk:Future Perfect at Sunrise

--Michkalas 15:40, 6 May 2007 (UTC)

The Signpost
15 July 2017