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Normally I would be writing under the name Midnight, but that name was already taken when I registered here. Don't even ask what the 1004 means, as I have no idea - it was a computer generated thing from another site. I would say I'm more of a WikiGnome than anything else, but I will be starting a few articles myself.

My Creations:

Articles: (mostly stubs - bold items indicate more than that)


Images I've Uploaded:
Puy-du-Fou-1.JPG Puy-du-Fou-2.JPG Puy-du-Fou-3.JPG Puy-du-Fou-4.JPG
Puy du Fou 1 Puy du Fou 2 Puy du Fou 3 Puy du Fou 4
McLaren MP4-4.JPG
McLaren MP4/4
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the Three Lions -
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Oakland Raiders
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Places I've Been:
Scotland Wales France Germany Netherlands
Belgium Switzerland Austria Denmark Hungary
Spain Italy Sweden Czech Republic Turkey
Egypt Greece
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