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Hello, I'm Millermk. I use Wikipedia all the time. Whenever I Bing something, I'm mad if Wikipedia isn't in the top 3 results because a lot of the time, that's where I want to go. In light of that, contributing to something which I use so often seems like a very logical and constructive thing to do, so here I am. I am a part of WikiProjects Microsoft and Microsoft Windows, although neither are very active :(. However, I am listing them here to show that I am actively involved in editing articles belonging to those projects. I am also currently doing a lot of recent changes patrolling and reverting vandalism with my shiny new rollback tool. One last thing I like to periodically check up on is Wikipedia pages with incorrect protection templates, since it's a quick fix and it's nice to see an empty category! Due to the massive backlog at Articles for Creation, my focus is there, at least for now. I would encourage everyone to come out and help. After all, creating article is really the most important thing.

Articles I have significantly contributed to:

Some things I'm interested in: